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Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon Analyzes Motivations Behind Breast Implant Replacement

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Dr. Schooler recently clarified some of the most common reasons patients exchange their breast implants and touched on procedural candidacy requirements.

Santa Barbara, CA—Breast implant technology has advanced considerably since modern implants debuted in the 1960s, explains Santa Barbara plastic surgeon Wesley G. Schooler, and they continue to improve with each passing year. For this reason and others, he explains that many patients with a history of breast augmentation are considering exchanging their current implants for newer versions that may offer greater longevity, enhanced durability, and more natural-looking results.

All breast implants, whether comprised of saline or silicone, carry some risk of capsular contracture, Dr. Schooler says. This condition, which causes the breast to feel overly firm as a result of scar tissue development, is one of the most common causes for desiring breast implant replacement, he adds. Other reasons patients seek out breast implant exchange include asymmetry, implant rupture, deflation, wrinkling, and cosmetic dissatisfaction. Implant type also plays a role. The FDA approved silicone implants in 2006 after a brief period of unavailability due to additional testing, and many individuals prefer the typically more natural look and feel of the material; furthermore, explains the Santa Barbara plastic surgeon, shaped forms can also offer an enhanced outcome often favored by many individuals. The multitude of appealing options has led a number of women to consider this procedure, he concludes.

As popular as breast implant replacement can be, it is not appropriate for everyone. Dr. Schooler explains some of the typical candidacy requirements for breast implant exchange, saying dissatisfaction with the form and/or function of the current implants is a key sign that a patient is qualified for this type of breast revision. Additionally, he examines a patient’s aesthetic goals and current health to see if they are compatible with undergoing this procedure.

Ultimately, Dr. Schooler recommends patients considering breast implant exchange speak with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon about available options. As the procedure typically requires an adjustment to the size and shape of the implant pocket, a particularly complex procedure, he says, individuals should research surgeons with specific expertise in breast augmentation and breast revision surgery.

About Wesley G. Schooler, MD, FACS

A board-certified plastic surgeon with over 11 years of training, Dr. Schooler is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he also completed General Surgery and Critical Care training. From there he relocated to the University of California, San Francisco to complete his plastic surgery residency. He has had extensive experience in breast microsurgical reconstruction with the Plastic Microsurgical Reconstruction Associates in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Schooler is an active member of several esteemed medical organizations and routinely participates in clinical research into the latest plastic surgery products and techniques. He is available for interview upon request.

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