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While the modern facelift has been an excellent procedure to improve a sagging or aged look, patients in Santa Barbara who prefer to avoid the time, expense, and invasiveness of surgery now have another option to refresh their face and neck. A MINT™ PDO thread lift is an innovative treatment designed to create more youthful contours in the face by using patented and triple FDA-cleared PDO threads to lift lax facial tissue. The results can be significant, offering patients a noticeable reduction in skin sagging with a minimally invasive, in-office procedure.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Wesley Schooler, MD strives to provide individuals with a wide range of options to achieve their unique aesthetic goals. Our medical team and physicians can help determine whether facial rejuvenation with MINT™ PDO threading is well-equipped to address your needs. 

What is a MINT™ PDO Thread Lift?

Short for “Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Thread,” MINT™ PDO threading uses patented technology to lift and tighten sagging tissue. Unlike other lifting threads, MINT™ PDO threads use a custom-molded design to help maintain structural integrity and achieve longer-lasting results. Although these threads will dissolve over time, rejuvenation can last as long as one year and minimal downtime is required after treatment. As an in-office procedure, a MINT™ PDO thread lift is also more affordable than facial plastic surgery and leaves little to no scarring after your appointment. MINT™ PDO threading has also been cleared by the FDA for skin approximation, nasolabial depth reduction, and facial suspension surgery. 

Who is a Good Candidate for MINT™ PDO Threading?

The best candidates for a MINT™ PDO thread lift want to obtain a younger-looking skin tone and texture, but are not interested in a surgical procedure. Dr. Schooler and our team will listen to your goals and needs to determine whether you would benefit from MINT™ PDO threading, but patients should generally want to achieve:

While effective in treating mild to moderate skin sagging, those who have more significant skin laxity in the face may consider facelift surgery, fat grafting, or other surgical solutions to reverse signs of aging. Realistic expectations for the outcome are also key to your satisfaction after treatment, so our team is committed to helping you gain a thorough understanding of what a MINT™ PDO thread lift is capable of. 

How is a MINT™ PDO Thread Lift Performed?

Depending on the extent of each person’s concerns, MINT™ PDO threading usually takes one hour and requires an in-office treatment. A local numbing agent is applied prior to the threading process to improve patient comfort. Once treatment begins, individuals may feel a slight pressure as the threads are gently inserted into the face with a fine needle; however, most patients feel little to no pain. The effects can be immediately noticeable, but generally improve over time as the threads are absorbed. Touch-up sessions can be pursued as needed and our team can work with you to develop an ideal treatment plan. Results typically vary from patient to patient depending on each person’s facial structure, skin thickness, and the extent of skin sagging.

Dr. Wesley Schooler and our team have a variety of advanced non-surgical treatments to help you look more refreshed without invasiveness or extensive downtime. We understand you have questions about MINT™ PDO threading and encourage you to contact Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery Center & Medi Spa for a private consultation.