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Common Reasons Patients Seek Out Breast Implant Exchange

santa barbara breast implantsOne of the most exciting advances in breast augmentation is the variety of sizes, shapes, and types of breast implants available. As a result of the expansive options, many women who have had a previous breast enhancement surgery discover they wish to replace their current implants with another kind, often one that has only recently been developed. Many of our patients considering a breast implant exchange do so for cosmetic reasons, but not all individuals experience the same motivations. Both form and function can influence a woman’s desire to undergo a breast revision, especially in the case of capsular contracture (when scar tissue develops around the implant causing hardening) or deflation. In our experience, the three most common reasons for choosing breast implant exchange are:

While many individuals seek to substitute silicone implants for saline or traditional implants for the new shaped style, most of our patients experience a functional concern. Older versions of breast implants are less durable than the new models, and they are often subject to greater wear and tear in a shorter amount of time. By replacing them, women often discover a renewed satisfaction with their appearance while also enjoying the increased longevity of the new implants.

We understand every woman has unique questions and concerns. Regardless of the reason for considering breast implant exchange, we can help our patients develop a customized treatment plan that can best achieve their aesthetic goals.

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