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Can You Reduce Your Breast Size with Dieting and Exercise?

Large breasts can pose significant issues for patients burdened by the stressors of a heavy, dominating breast size. On top of aching pain in the shoulders, neck, and back, excessively large breasts can also cause skin chafing and “shoulder-grooving” — which refers to uncomfortable bra strap indentations in the skin. In light of the aesthetic and functional concerns often associated with overly large breasts, many women wonder whether dieting, exercise, or other natural remedies are capable of reducing the weight of the breasts. Unfortunately, a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough to alleviate the problems caused by a disproportionately heavy breast size. 

While dieting and exercise may help shed excess weight, working out does not affect the stubborn fat and glandular tissue that typically contribute to a large bust. Moreover, weight loss does not proportionally reduce the breasts or address skin inelasticity, stretched tissue, and other factors causing pendulousness. In order to effectively improve these concerns, many patients turn to breast reduction — a powerful and transformative procedure designed to reshape the breast contours and alleviate the discomfort of excessive breasts. This surgery can also improve stretched or elongated nipples caused by ptosis, or breast sagging. Breast reduction is the only cosmetic procedure designed to decrease the breast size while providing elegant and proportional results. In fact, most women consider breast reduction to be life-changing — not only by allowing a more youthful, aesthetic look in the breasts, but also by making it easier to live a more active life. In turn, many patients find that they enjoy a healthier lifestyle as an adjunctive benefit of breast reduction surgery. 

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