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Choosing a Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring Surgeon

Losing weight can be an uphill battle, but the confidence of improving your health and achieving your aesthetic goals is incomparable. When it comes to cosmetic procedures after weight loss surgery, comprehensive research before your procedure(s) is vital. While finding the right plastic surgeon to achieve your goals can be daunting, we encourage you to follow these tips to help narrow down your potential options:

Post-weight loss procedures can help resculpt areas affected by residual hanging skin after significant weight loss, resulting in a slimmer and leaner look. For many individuals, body contouring surgeries like a tummy tuck, breast lift, thigh lift, and arm lift are often the last step in their aesthetic transformations.

If you’re looking for solutions to get rid of hanging skin, Dr. Wesley Schooler understands that you likely have many questions. He can evaluate your concerns and listen to your goals to develop the best possible treatment plan for your needs. Contact our Santa Barbara practice for more information about our body lift procedures or to book a consultation.