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How to Get Rid of Hanging Skin on the Abdomen After Pregnancy

Having children can cause a range of unfavorable changes in the body and excess abdominal skin is a common concern experienced by patients following pregnancy. For most patients, pregnancy reduces skin elasticity in the abdomen and the skin is unable to “snap back” to their original body shape. As a result, there is often an apron of loose skin left on the lower abdomen that cannot be corrected with dieting and exercise alone. While board-certified plastic surgeon Wesley Schooler, MD understands how frustrating excess skin can be, our Santa Barbara practice offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments to help you regain a smoother, tighter abdominal contour: 

There are many different options available to improve the abdomen after pregnancy and Dr. Schooler would be happy to meet with you to formulate an ideal treatment plan to obtain the results you envision. 

Loose abdominal skin left after pregnancy can negatively affect your abdominal contour, but Dr. Schooler offers solutions to give you the smooth, sleek stomach you desire. Don’t hesitate to contact our Santa Barbara office to book an appointment with Dr. Schooler or to learn more about our services.