We have right now the best staff that I have ever had and I explained earlier I have been doing this for 26 years. Giana at the front desk who greets people and remembers everyone’s name and always has a smile on her face is also a licensed aesthetician and she does facials and light chemical peels on many of our patients. Tina who is the lady who runs our skin care program has an undergraduate degree from UCSP and also a masters in nutrition and she is a good one to talk to about health, fitness, nutrition and we encourage people to do that because we are interested in the wellness of the overall patient, not just the appearance. Kathy Nicassio is our operating room supervisor. She is an RN and also an aesthetic nurse specialist. Over the last three years she has had extensive training in the use of Botox which blocks muscle contraction and also the various fillers that are used for creases like the nasolabial folds and the lips and she is very talented, very artistic eyed, she is very good at that. Janet Sandwall is another RN who is in charge of the operating room and the recovery room areas and she is a very kind, considerate and thoughtful woman who does an excellent job caring for our patients as they wake up and we have received many complimentary letters about how warm and friendly and supportive she was. My surgical assistant is Lauren Hoeft and she is a young, gifted, surgical technician who has been with me for about five years and we have developed a great, sort of surgical bond, where we do not have to ask questions and talk very much and the instruments are right there when I need them and it makes the surgery very smooth and efficient, so she is a very valuable part of our staff.