I think what makes us unique is that we tend to listen and not prescribe and we try to fill the expectations as much as possible that you bring with us into the office. And often times we understand that that is not clear in the beginning, but it is my job to help you come up with a rational plan and one that we can actually complete. I think one of the things that draws people to our office is that I have developed over the last 26 years of reputation for what is called the natural look, the rested look. In Southern California, a lot of plastic surgery is overdone. I have women who come in who say, “My face is pulled so tight that I look plastic.” I have people whose eyebrows and forehead are elevated so high that they look frightened or startled, you know which is unattractive and very difficult to correct, but if I make an error, I would rather err on the conservative side where we can go back later and do additional surgery if needed to make it just right, but I do not like the over operated look. I think the next thing that is really sort of unique about our practice is we have I think the nicest and most talented group of nurses and front office people that I have ever come across. They are talented, they are conscientious, and they really care about the people that we take care of. So I think in this environment you not only get an excellent surgical team, you get an excellent anesthetic which is provided by physicians from the Anesthesia Medical Group of Santa Barbara, the best group in the area and you are in close proximity one block from Cottage Hospital which is the biggest healthcare provider with the most sophisticated equipment which is available to us in the rare situation where we might need something, where there might be something unexpected happen during surgery and we would need to transfer you over to the hospital. That can be done very quickly and very efficiently.

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