We often see patients who complain of pain in their upper back, neck and shoulder areas and erosion of the bra straps into their shoulders caused by massive breasts. Breast reduction surgery is both a functional procedure to reduce the weight and the mass of the breast tissue and it is an aesthetic procedure because you look so much better afterwards. Some of my happiest patients are breast reduction patients. We have different techniques that we can use for breast reduction depending on the amount of volume that we need to remove, but in women that are truly massive it can be a life-changing procedure, because it allows them now once again to exercise, to wear normal fitting clothes and it relieves the back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. So, this is a very worthwhile procedure. Normally we do the consultation, we take photographs and we will send a letter to the patient’s insurance company requesting preoperative authorization, because often times insurance will pay for a portion of this because they consider it functional problem and not just an aesthetic problem. The surgery is routine. Most people are up and around the evening after surgery walking and saying, “Boy, my shoulders feel better, I feel like my posture is better already.” There are a couple of weeks of dressings and recovery and removal of the sutures, but usually within a two-week period or so, they are pretty much back to normal, they go out and they buy new bras and they are launched into their new lifestyle.

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