For many women, large breasts can be physically uncomfortable and make them feel self-conscious in social situations. Breast reduction procedures from our board-certified plastic surgeon can end discomfort and concern, while restoring a higher, balanced profile and an appropriate cup size.

Breast Reduction Consultation

If you are considering breast reduction, Dr. Wesley Schooler will go over all of the information you need to know about breast reduction surgery. During your initial consultation, you will learn if you are a qualified candidate for breast reduction. One qualification is that the breasts must be fully developed, unless serious discomfort is present. Also, women who are planning on breast-feeding should not undergo breast reduction because many of the milk ducts are removed during breast reduction surgery. As with any other surgery, being able to emotionally handle the situation is important. It is important to understand all aspects of surgery. During your breast reduction consultation, we will advise you on the risks and benefits associated with breast reduction. You will learn about the pre- and post-operative instructions, along with the healing time of breast reduction surgery.

One of the most important aspects of undergoing breast reduction surgery is finding an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Schooler of the Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery Center are highly experienced with helping women enhance their natural curves and beauty. Our surgeons can renew your breasts with results that are more proportionate to your body frame.


To learn more about breast reduction, or to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact us today.