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Incision Options for Breast Lift

breast-lift-optionsAt Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery Center, approximately 30 percent of our breast surgery patients undergo a breast lift. A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure designed to correct sagging or drooping breasts, restoring them to a more youthful and firmer look and feel. If you are considering breast lift surgery, one of the choices you and your surgeon will discuss is the type of incision performed during your procedure.

Our plastic surgeon, Wesley G. Schooler, MD, says the type of incision will often depend on level of lift required. The three commonly used breast lift incisions include:

Because the vertical pattern incision is most suitable for women with a moderate degree of sagging, which is what the majority of patients experience, Dr. Schooler says it is the technique he most commonly employs. “In most people I do the vertical-type, short scar pattern incision,” he says. “It’s a somewhat newer technique, or a variation of a newer technique that I use on almost all my patients.”

As each patient’s breasts are unique, Dr. Schooler says it’s very important for the surgeon to match the technique based on the patient’s needs, as well as her goals and expectations – all of which are thoroughly reviewed during the consultation.

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