I am Dr. David Buchanan and I am the director of the Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery Center. I grew up in Colorado, got my undergraduate degree from Princeton and then spent some time in the Navy during the whole Vietnam conflict. Following that I decided to go to medical school and did that at the University of Colorado and then I did five years of a General Surgery Residency and two years of a Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Residency after that and was the chief resident my senior year at Baylor doing the plastic surgery and was chosen to go to the Philippines on a cleft lip and palate trip which was lot of fun and opened my eyes to a whole different side of plastic surgery. I received an invitation to come and interview for a job in Santa Barbara and my wife and I decided that we would do that and it worked out very well and I have been here ever since. It is my 26th year in Santa Barbara. I have been the director of the Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery Center for 22 of those years, and we have now I think probably the best staff I have ever had. We have nice caring talented people and we really make an effort to deliver the best quality product possible.

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