Obagi® is a very aggressive skin care line and incredibly result oriented. What it can do, there is one division of the line that is called Nu-Derm and it really helps with the anti-aging process of aging skin such as fine lines. It also really helps with discoloration meaning hyperpigmentation and so evens out the skin tone and smooths the skin and it ends up after you are done with the process your skin is in perfect balance with the environment where you really do not need any moisturizer. Your skin glows. It is a beautiful result and that is why we have it because it really offers the best results that I have seen out there. Obagi with any of our treatments such as the microdermabrasion or a chemical peel that can be used in conjunction with the Obagi® line at any point of the process. In Obagi® you start off with more aggressive steps when you start the Obagi process and then after you reach a certain plateau you sort of downgrade and you use some of the products intermittently, you do not use them as regularly. But, at any point, you can do microdermabrasion and it sometimes will help speed up the process exfoliation of the skin.