Fillers are a great way to replace missing volume. Besides sometimes having BOTOX® and just relaxing the muscles, sometimes we actually need to replace missing volume. In patients, sometimes the nasolabial folds, sometimes also up in here people have very deep furrows up there and usually fillers are used a little bit more in the bottom portion of the face, but can be used actually anywhere and there are several different types of fillers. It all depends upon what we need to do. The earlier fillers were your collagen fillers. They are great and have a place, but they are not as long-lasting as some of the newer fillers that are out which are generally your hyaluronic acid products such as Restylane® and the newest product as of 2007 in January is JUVEDERM™ and the hyaluronic acid products are great because there is no allergic reaction to them because the hyaluronic acid is what we are born with. It is what in our skin gives us that youthful look because it holds moisture and volume. They have been around in topical products, but do not work as well topically. They have now been improved by the FDA to be injected specifically under a wrinkle to create some of that missing volume that has been there, and there is also a product out there that is a little bit heavier product that lasts longer that we are using as well called Radiesse®.

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