My name is Diana and I have had liposuction under my chin, a facelift, upper and lower eye and a brow lift. Before I felt aged and when you looked in the mirror and I am one of the baby boomers who, you know, not quite ready to get old yet. So, I did feel older. My eyes were droopy, although I called them bedroom eyes, but they are not and I had a lot of, you know, sagging chin and so that was what I felt was the best part of it was losing the sagging chin underneath, the extra chin and having my eyes more open and looking more refreshed and awake, that is really helpful. The staff is very professional. They are kind, very knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable and not apprehensive at all about having the procedures. They told me upfront what to expect and that was exactly what happened. It was a very good experience. Dr. Buchanan is very friendly. He makes you feel at home. He makes you confident because he does have a good background and we have been practicing for quite some time. He also is very upfront telling you about the fact that he goes through the natural look and exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got was the natural look and he feels like a friend instead of a doctor, which is nice. Yes, I would definitely recommend Dr. Buchanan and I have to several couple of friends and only because they knew what I had done and want to know what was available and the reason definitely is because I felt confident about what happened and the outcome.

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