With the standard liposuction cannula you have a metal tube and it has three holes in the end and the tube is passed back and forth at different levels through the fatty tissue and it breaks up pieces of fat and then aspirates them down the tube and that is the standard traditional liposuction that works very well. In addition to that, I like to use what is called ultrasonic liposuction. You have a metal cannula. The tip of the cannula vibrates back and forth and sends out sound waves at just the right amplitude to emulsify the fat, so the sound waves going through the fat cause the fat to sort of dissolve and then you can put a small cannula in to aspirate the fat back, so it is less traumatic to the nerves and the arteries and the veins. I find it is particularly effective in the middle third of the body, the truncal area, which is the problem area for most people. It is particularly helpful on the back area and in what is called the love handle area for males. We commonly see that but I usually use a combination of the ultrasound and the traditional or conventional liposuction to do these procedures. In order to get a good result with liposuction it is imperative that you will be willing to wear a garment for about a month. You need four weeks in the garment because once you remove the fatty tissue from the abdomen you want that skin to adhere to the abdominal wall, so we put foam across the abdomen, we put you in a special garment that we have already measured and ordered for you and you wear that for seven days without taking it off and then you take it off. You have a nice bath or shower. You wash the garment. You put the garment back on and you usually wear just the garment for about 23 hours a day for the next three weeks because we want you to be reducing in size and getting a nice smooth contour without waviness and indentation, but liposuction is one of our most popular procedures. It is relatively painless, not really pain free, but it is not very painful. Most patients are up and around the next day. They see a nice improvement already. A lot of times we will do the surgery on a Thursday or Friday and then go back to work on a Monday or Tuesday so it is a very short downtime and you see a dramatic appearance. What I also explain to people is do not expect to lose any weight with this procedure, but you are going to look like you have lost 5 pounds, 10 pounds, even 15 pounds sometimes, so that is a nice thing.