My name is Cassie and I had liposuction on my hips. Before I came to Dr. Buchanan to have liposuction I was very very self-conscious. I run almost every day of the week and I am a fitness instructor and it is really difficult to still have to always wear shorts at the beach and it was just great after liposuction and I just felt better. My experience at the office was fantastic. Everybody was super warm and really friendly and I had everything explained to me. I knew exactly what to expect and it was just fantastic. Dr. Buchanan is very friendly. He is very easy to feel comfortable around. He is very thorough and he is just a great doctor I have. After I had liposuction done it has just been a great boost to my confidence. I feel great when I wear shorts and skirts. I feel great on the beach just wearing my swimsuit without shorts covering me up and I just felt confident and happy and much more free. When I first came in to Dr. Buchanan’s office, I was very nervous. It felt like a very big deal going into a plastic surgery center. I was quite nervous about it, but everybody was so warm and Dr. Buchanan during the consultation just made me feel really comfortable with it and really sure about making the right decision. I would recommend Dr. Buchanan to anybody who might be thinking about having a procedure done. I could not have asked for a better doctor. I could not have asked for somebody to be more friendly, make me feel more comfortable, or do a better job during surgery.