My name is Gina and I had a facelift and I had some laser work around my mouth done. Before the surgery, I felt that I was kind of looking tired, you would fuss around in the morning trying to get yourself ready and you just never quite looked right, and it is something I had contemplated doing for years, so it was time. Now I feel 100 percent better. I like getting up. I like going to work. Sometimes I just catch myself just staring at myself for a while. The experience with Dr. Buchanan was great. I did interview several doctors and when I met Dr. Buchanan and had the interview I felt very comfortable, the staff was very professional and very nice, and Dr. Buchanan seemed like he was very dedicated to what he was doing. So the overall experience was wonderful. Coming into the office is always pleasant. Everyone is always cheerful and professional and they make you feel very very comfortable. Some words that would describe the staff, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Yes, I would recommend Dr. Buchanan to someone else and the reason is he was very professional, very dedicated, and he was just always there when you did need him and the staff was very professional and very helpful. A couple of people have commented, someone just kind of walked in and looked at me, kind of like, “Boy, you look really really good,” and another person a friend of mine just said, “You look great, you really really look great.” So there definitely is a change.

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