I am Doug and I had my lower eyelids done and a partial facelift. Well, I felt that I needed from a corporate standpoint a better look and that is what I was trying to achieve because I deal with high-end business and just wondered you know I will make myself a little bit better looking. I think the results were fantastic. I am very pleased with how everything turned out. A couple of friends of mine asked me what I was doing to stay younger looking and I did confide in a couple of them and told them actually what I did. With Dr. Buchanan it was excellent. He is very knowledgeable, very very friendly, makes you feel at ease. What he said upfront he delivered on and the whole process was very unique and very comfortable for me. The staff is excellent. From the first time I walked in here until the last time I was in here, they have always treated me very professionally and just stand out to the staff quite honestly. I would recommend Dr. Buchanan. I have done that to a couple of friends of mine, and yes, he is a great physician I would recommend.

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