I see patients frequently who have had two or three children who say that their breasts are now droopy and they would like to be lifted up into a more normal position, that they are 35 years old and they feel their breasts look like they are 50. This is common. There is an operation called a mastopexy or breast lift that addresses this. What we do is move the nipple areolar complex upward and then tailor the skin underneath to make it look smooth. Just lifting the breast volume up would make it look larger and more full and often that is all that you need to do. There are different techniques depending on how droopy you are in terms of lifting it up. Sometimes we can do a concentric circular resection only, so there is just a scar around the areola. Sometimes there is a vertical line to the bottom to remove skin across horizontally and sometimes we have to make a short horizontal line to take out additional skin. So there are different techniques that we use depending on how droopy you are. On occasion, if you are very small with very little breast tissue we will combine this with putting an implant in usually under the muscle and that is a clinical decision that we need to make and one that we would talk about before the surgery.