My name is Brittney and I had a breast augmentation. My life was good before but this is something that I wanted to have. As a female you try on clothes, bathing suits, things like that and you always wish you were bigger or more in proportion to your body and so now I would say when I try on bathing suits I do not have the problem. Dr. Buchanan is awesome and his staff is amazing as well. They were very comfortable and made me feel welcome. I was nervous when I first came in but they were very welcoming. Kathy is amazing. She is like a mom. She makes you feel comfortable because when you are coming in you kind of second guess that should I do this, should I do that and they make you feel welcome. I thought about having a breast augmentation 10 years ago and then at work we started talking about it, so then I researched doctors and then somebody that works here was a customer, so I started talking to her and then that is when I found out about Dr. Buchanan, so it is a little bit different. They kind of found me I feel like. It was an amazing experience. When I came in to the office, like I said, they made me feel very welcome and I am very happy with the results. I would recommend Dr. Buchanan to whoever wants to have a breast augmentation.

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