We often see patients who are interested in improving their body contour and most of these fall into the excessed fatty tissue category. Sometimes they fall into laxity of tissue, like for instance, the woman who has had three children and has this extra band of tissue across her lower central abdomen she just cannot seem to get rid off. We are starting to see a new category of people who have had massive weight loss usually after some sort of a gastric banding procedure where their weight has gone from 350 pounds to 200 pounds who would like to have extra skin taken off from their abdomen, their breasts, their upper arms, and their thighs. These are real challenges but most of the patients that I see fall into either of the abdominoplasty category or the liposuction category. Now in terms of liposuction, it has been said that virtually everybody over 30 is a candidate for liposuction somewhere and I find that a lot of people in Southern California who are in a swimsuit a lot, who are out and around and are active are candidates for liposuction. It can be a trim 25-year-old who just has what they call saddlebags in the outer thigh that you just cannot get rid of no matter how much she exercises and that can be nicely enhanced with liposuction. You can remove just the offending fatty tissue. You are born with a certain number of fat cells in a certain distribution in your body and if the problem area is that outer thigh once we take away may be 70 percent of those fat cells, they do not come back. During your lifetime what happens is the individual fat cells can enlarge and reduce in size depending on how much you eat and how much you weigh but they do not ever go away but once you take away 70 percent of those fat cells, they do not regenerate like the liver cells might, so it is a permanent change in that regard. It does not mean that you cannot go back and put on weight. It just means it will probably go somewhere else, go to your stomach, go to your neck, some place you do not want it go. That is usually what happens.

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