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procedures we offer at the Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery Center in California - welcoming patients from Ventura & Bakersfield

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Santa Barbara
Plastic Surgery Center

427 W. Pueblo St.
Santa Barbara, California 93105
Phone 805-395-4545
Fax: 805-687-9491


To find out what Dr. Buchanan can do for your unwanted bulges and sagging skin, contact us for more information on cosmetic surgery and to schedule an appointment to meet with him in Santa Barbara, California. During a private consultation, you and Dr. Buchanan will discuss the look you want and contours to be adjusted.

Call toll-free 1-866-261-6341 or email Dr. Buchanan and his staff.



What cosmetic surgery can realistically do for you


"Dear Dr. Buchanan,

I just wanted to thank you for the sweet letter that you sent me. It just verifies over and over who you really are and what you are all about. The two procedures you did on me are "holding up" extremely well; I know you were wondering about how I was feeling about the surgery processes a few years after the fact. I couldn't possibly be happier for the way you've helped me with the things that were bothering me, and the best part is that it's a permanent, positive change. The before, during, and follow up that I received from you and your office was top notch and it took a real load off my shoulders knowing that I was under the care of avery very "safe" competent doctor. I know that you do wonderful work on your patients having all various types of procedures."






Skin & Beauty Seminars

Register for free special monthly Skin & Beauty seminars or sign up for our popular BOTOX® Bonus Nights or NEW LunchBox BOTOX® Tuesdays! Visit our office, enjoy light snacks, beverages, and have fun! Discounted BOTOX® treatments are available for all attendees.

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Beautiful Santa Barbara, California is an ideal location for quality plastic surgery and a relaxing recovery. Ask our staff at Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery Center about our Aftercare Program, including special discounts and amenities at several quiet and comfortable B&B's, resorts and hotels.

Request information on the Santa Barbara Experience.

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