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Contact us about liposuction and more in Santa Barbara, California

To schedule a consultation about liposuction in California at the Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery Center, please click below. We also welcome plastic surgery patients from Ventura, Bakersfield and other nearby areas in California.


Santa Barbara
Plastic Surgery Center

427 W. Pueblo St.
Santa Barbara, California 93105
Phone: 805-395-4545
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What cosmetic surgery can realistically do for you

To find out what Dr. Buchanan or Dr. Schooler can do for your unwanted bulges and sagging skin, contact us for more information on plastic surgery and to schedule an appointment to meet with him in Santa Barbara, California. During a private consultation, you and Dr. Buchanan or Dr. Schooler will discuss the look you want and contours to be adjusted.

Call 805-395-4545 or email Dr. Buchanan and his staff.



What cosmetic surgery can realistically do for you


"Dear Dr. Buchanan,

I just wanted to thank you for the sweet letter that you sent me. It just verifies over and over who you really are and what you are all about. The two procedures you did on me are "holding up" extremely well; I know you were wondering about how I was feeling about the surgery processes a few years after the fact. I couldn't possibly be happier for the way you've helped me with the things that were bothering me, and the best part is that it's a permanent, positive change. The before, during, and follow up that I received from you and your office was top notch and it took a real load off my shoulders knowing that I was under the care of avery very "safe" competent doctor. I know that you do wonderful work on your patients having all various types of procedures."






Today men are becoming aware of the professional and social benefits of looking one's best. A youthful appearance and looking fit can be important in business and society. That is why more males than ever are turning to cosmetic surgery to remain competitive in the business world and to feel comfortable with their appearance.

Men have become more interested in good health and simply looking their best. "Makeover TV" regularly features exciting, yet typical, male enhancements.

Cosmetic surgery for men is similar to that for women, but with masculine results. For example, facial rejuvenation - sagging and disfigured skin - is accomplished with only slightly modified techniques to allow for thicker skin and more body hair.

Some procedures are more common among men, including facial corrections and rejuvenation as well as body sculpting. Recently more patients have been seeking breast reductions and implants. In our practice, satisfaction amongst male and female patients is high in both groups.

Regardless of the procedure, Dr. David Buchanan and Dr. Wesley Schooler employ "natural look" techniques to subtly enhance appearance - precisely the outcome most men want. The procedures are performed in a few hours, healed in a couple weeks in most cases, and last for years. In a private consultation, one of our board-certified plastic surgeons will listen to your concerns and suggest appropriate enhancements.

For men, body contouring can regain and enhance a masculine appearance. To reduce areas of excess fat and gain a sculptured appearance, our plastic surgeons can perform a variety of procedures, including lipoplasty (liposuction), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and gynecomastia treatment (male breast reduction).

Over time our looks change, noticeably in the face and neck. The wear and tear of outdoors activities, job stress and even genetics figure prominently in deterioration of facial appearance. Maturing gracefully is difficult and keeping a virile and youthful facial appearance over decades is nearly impossible. Facial rejuvenation with cosmetic surgery has helped millions, and is growing in popularity.

Problems and aging appearances can be corrected with facelifts, eyelid surgery, chin implants, ear and nose modifications, neck liposuction and laser skin rejuvenation.

Programs for facial enhancements and tummy tucks are simple and easy to follow. We will guide you through each step to assure you minimum discomfort and a quick recovery. If you would like to recover here in Santa Barbara, we have arranged a comprehensive aftercare package to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

For most patients, cosmetic surgery is a significant investment. For patients needing time to make payments, our staff will accept your major credit card or introduce you to several payment programs.

To find out what Dr. Buchanan or Dr. Schooler can do to help you attain your cosmetic enhancement goals, please contact us for more information and a private consultation.

Call 805-395-4545 or email Dr. Buchanan and his staff.

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Beautiful Santa Barbara, California is an ideal location for quality plastic surgery and a relaxing recovery. Ask our staff at Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery Center about our Aftercare Program, including special discounts and amenities at several quiet and comfortable B&B's, resorts and hotels.

Request information on the Santa Barbara Experience.

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